Brevard Renaissance Fair, Season of the Hood

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Our goal is to find the finest Renaissance Acts in the land and bring them to the Brevard Renaissance Fair. This  year we will be bringing you some of the TOP  acts in the nation as selected by the people that attended  fairs throughout the country last year.

Noble Cause Productions

Noble Cause Productions is a company specializing in jousting, stage combat instruction, fight choreography, and horse stunts. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality shows for our audiences and clients. Noble Cause is continually striving to reach new heights with breathtaking new show concepts.
Noble Cause on Facebook

Breaking Lance





First Weekend Only!  January 21 & 22, 2017

Founded in 2005, this Pipes & Drum band has taken the USA by storm. Their unique style, charismatic stage performance, and love for all things Scottish has drawn crowds from coast to coast.

A MUST SEE! Not just another Scottish Pipes & Drums band! Albannach’s primal drumming and precise piping stirs the soul of anyone who hears them- young and old! These folks ARE Highlanders! Scottish Warriors to the Core!

With 5 CDs, 1 Documentary (Scotumentary), Multiple Fan Tours to Scotland, Canada and the open sea; the Nach Army is 43k and growing!

These Celtic Rock Stars are as charismatic off stage as they are on. Being charming, intelligent, funny AND Scottish make all the right ingredients for a great interview. Radio, TV, Print they are comfortable with it all!





The CRAIC Show

The CRAIC Show is an intense & wildly entertaining act, made up of four international travelers who, in 1541, were banded together on an ancient battlefield.

This unique merging of music from far away lands brings a sound that is unlike any other.

Watching the group switch and interchange instruments throughout the show is something to see, songs are often started on bagpipes and ended with the entire group on percussions. Ever-changing and constantly blending styles, The CRAIC Show is always bringing a fresh, high energy blend of World Medieval Music.



Splatter Time Players

Tuggy and Lickity have taken a few weeks off from their world tour to bring you their legendary comedy show. If there’s only one thing you see before you die it should be The Mud Show!
Just listen to these reviews (with your eyes cause you can’t hear writing)! Reviews:
Lickity is a comical genius!
-LickityTuggy is Lickity’s brother!
Splatter Time Players on Facebook






The Limey Birds

The Limeybirds are Faith, Charity & Bunnie – 3 strong sisters of song who genuinely love what they do – the high energy involvement of the audience keeps ’em coming back for more!

A three- part acapella trio, this Music Show is full of old favourites and new Limey songs with hilarious banter in between that keeps it new and exciting every time.

An unparalleled vocal group; The Limeybirds are always a crowd pleaser. Featuring music favourites like “Sweet Violets”, “Roll Me Over (In the Clover)”, and NEW Limeybirds originals like “Rolling in the Hay”, “LondonTowne” and “Bonny Rollin’ Sailor”.

What sets these gals apart? ALL classically trained with Musical Theatre backgrounds, this 30-40 minute show is Top Notch Music Entertainment that envelopes the audience and carries them away.

Add in some sibling rivalry with some competitive can imagine the silliness.

This award winning act has performed for dignitaries & common-folk alike across Canada and the United States. The Limeybirds first appeared on the touring circuit in 1999 and quickly grew to become one of today’s hottest “Don’t Miss” acts on the Renaissance Festival circuit.

The Limeybirds are unique on the Renfest circuit – you won’t find another act today that combines such high energy antics with sharp wit, banter and not to mention their stunning harmonies & vocal arrangements.

Completing the package is their banter and wit as they are also skilled Improvisational artists. Many a heckler has found out the hard way…these ladies look sweet, but they know how to deliver a zinger!

Often imitated; NEVER duplicated, The Limeybirds are THE premier act for your Event. From Bawdy to Baroque, 1550’s to 1950’s we’re the show you’re looking for. With performance ratings from PG to N for Naughty….this exceptional act is a sure-fire hit.


The Limey Birds



The Washing Well Wenches

The Washing Well Wenches are an all-female comedy troupe that performs at various venues across the nation and beyond. Live, Love, Laugh, Launder… Repeat. GOOD, CLEAN FUN… WET, DIRTY WOMEN.
Washing Well Wenches on Facebook







It all starts with the sound-
Wolgemut performs historical music on original instruments such as the medieval bagpipes, shawms and bombastic drums as well as quiet instruments like the flute, medieval fiddle and harp.

A little history-
Founded in Berlin, Germany, Wolgemut has performed throughout the United States and Europe since 1997. We pride ourselves on providing high quality entertainment guaranteed to leave the audience “in a good mood”, which happens to be the translation of Wolgemut!





The Duelists

A dazzling display of comedy and swordfighting brilliance!

The Duelists match wit & witticism, combat & comedy for a completely original and comedic take on dueling and swordsmanship. Using a variety of weapons—rapiers, daggers, sword and shield, axes, the halberd, mace, flail and more—The Duelists perform exciting and dynamic swordfights as they entertain in ‘The Manly Art of the Epic Duel’

Always an interactive experience, The Duelists even invite hecklers to do their worst, but beware; their wit is as sharp as their swords, and hecklers will be promptly dealt with in kind!




The Wonder Elixir of Life Show

The Wonder Elixir of Life show is a classic, Renaissance-era ‘medicine show’ in the style of the Mountebanks of the Tudor Era and beyond. Drawing on many sources, and speaking in some of the smoothest fast-patter around, these characters extol the virtues of their ‘amazing elixir’ and continue to delight and entertain in the meantime with small routines of ‘fortune telling’, magic, and humor.
Wonder Elixir of Life on Facebook

wonder elixer



Cast In Bronze

The carillon is played by a silent and masked “spirit of the bells” that appears only to breathe life into the instrument for the performance. The carillons of Cast in Bronze consists of 35 bells with a total weight of four tons. Cast In Bronze is the only musical act of its kind in the world and features the only two carillons in history solely supported by listeners.


Cast in Bronze

Cast In Bronze




We are a fun and entertaining troupe of Acrobats, Tumblers, Dancers, and Fire Performers that mix style, movement and music for any occasion.





The Flight of the Raptor

Flight of the raptor is beauty of flight designed to educate, enlighten, and sometimes even amaze our audiences. Many thousands have seen our programs and return year after year to sometimes just visit the birds and enjoy the beauty of the flight.





Hips of Destruction

Hips of Destruction principle dancers and choreographers Verrina and Kristal have been dancing together for over five years. Both have studied with world renown dancers, and performed in prestigious large shows, including The Florida Renaissance Festival, Spirit of The Tribes, Miami Bellydance Convention, and Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Festival.
They are excited to expand their troupe and bring a full show including more dancers, live musicians, and, of course, their signature swords and fire flair, to The Brevard Renaissance Faire.
Hips of Destruction on Facebook


hips of destruction



Bard Lite

Bard Lite is Florida’s only Condensed Outdoor Shakespeare group. We make it fun, cut it down, but keep all the exciting bits.
Bard Lite is putting on three productions this year: Midsummer Night’s Dream, Comedy of Errors, and Storybook Theater – The Education of Young Arthur.



Youth In Harmony

Youth in Harmony is an elite a cappella choir for young people ages 8-18. Singers must pass an audition to be admitted to the group. Music is performed from memory, often in costume and with choreography. Emphasis on harmony, ear training, blend & tuning.
Youth in Harmony on Facebook



Fairy Forest

Fairy Forest is a “magical enchantment encampment.” It will be an interactive area that is sure to delight all ages. The area will display the fairy gardens entered in the fairy garden contest as well as a setting fit for fairies, pixies, fairy queens, and wood nymphs.

Activities offered shall include a magical setting, fairy stories, circle dances, glitter tattoos, fairy blessings of pixie dust, and “elf locks” (yarn tied around a loop of hair). We also plan to sell magic wands, Queens’ Tea, treats and fairy things. We have fun signage containing fairy facts, sayings, and lore. Historically, Friars were thought to keep towns free of fairies; “Friar for Hire” signs will be nearby.





Lily the Unicorn


lily unicorn



The Kindred Kilts

The Kindred Kilts perform a variety of the very best Irish pub songs. Based out of Florida’s Treasure Coast, they play a variety of venues & special events; parades, private parties, corporate events, renaissance faires and fundraisers for charities. The Kindred Kilts bring a fresh new sound and entertaining personalities to their shows. They are rated PG and kid-friendly too!
Check out their webpage, photos and video links at:





The Medieval Gypsies

The Medieval Gypsies are a group of friends playing for the love of Early & Traditional Music. A Mission of Inspiration has evolved which we hope to share.
The Medieval Gypsies on Facebook



Ophelia More

~Lady Ophelia’s Dance~
Lady Ophelia invites you to Flirt the old fashioned way!  Watch, Dance, Frolic, & Flirt as you are entwined in the history, the joy, and the traditions of the dance.

~Lady Ophelia`s Twisted Tales~
Twisted Tales is a lighthearted family friendly audience participation show where laughter and high jinx ensue! Fairy Godmother in training, Lady Ophelia, takes ordinary fairy tales and twists the plot to all new heights, as well as to create whole new stories that everyone will enjoy!





Flipping Fools Aerial Show

Lucretia the Tumbler and Jane the Fool are a partner Aerial acrobat team. Silly and insane good times happen when these two are around.
Flipping Fools on Facebook





Vera Vermillion

Professional sword swallower. All genres from the common to the macabre.





The Treeman

A walking, living tree
A sunny day. A cool patch of shade from a large oak tree. You sit to enjoy the lovely… wait a moment – did the tree just move? Must have been the breeze blowing through – HEY! The tree just stepped backwards! IT’S MOVING!

At outdoor festival and events, folks are experiencing the phenomenon known as the Walking TreeMan. Barely distinguishable from the real trees, Walking TreeMan moves slowly and deliberately across the meadow, down the path, or through the crowd, enchanting all who meet him.

At over twelve feet tall, the Walking TreeMan can be seen from over 150 yards away. Standing still, he becomes almost invisible, blending into the background – when he moves, he seems to suddenly spring to life, almost magically, amazing and astounding onlookers.
The Treeman Webpage


The Tree - Copy




Jewel Faeries

Keep your eyes out for these wandering faeries! They are there, then gone in the blink of an eye… POOF!





The Mermaid Show

Come see the majestic mermaid swimming in her tank! Be sure to come back when she is out too so you can talk with her and snap some pictures with her!




Join Whiplash for death defying acts of freak mentalism. Be amazed as he loads one of four staple guns and attempts to influence an audience member to fire the unloaded ones into his body. Be shocked as he takes away your ability to swallow, remember your name, or even read, through rapid hypnosis. Whiplash O’Reilly blurs the lines between science, the mysteries of the human mind, and good old-fashioned cheating.
Whiplash on Facebook



The Jackdaws

The Jackdaws deliver original, contemporary, and traditional Irish Rock to audiences across the land. This trailblazing trio will excite and have you coming back for more with their driving melodies and relentlessly aggressive lyrics. More Irish than a drunken roar, and a damned sight messier, meet The Jackdaws.
The Jackdaws on Facebook



The Cabin Boys

The Cabin Boys – Fire Comedy, So You Don’t Have To! Not quite a fire show, not quite a pirate show – Its a FIRE COMEDY the likes of which you have never seen before!  Cunning wordplay, stunning swordplay, and instant rep…I mean FIRE come together to bring the stupid act you see before you. In short, it’s THREE HOT TORCHES AND TWO STUPID PIRATES!


cabin boys



The Renegades

The Renegades, a rag tag team of pirates led by Captain Isaac Driskull, who travel far and wide to sing shanties and songs of the sea. A scurvy crew, when they are not entertaining in the Pirates Pub, you may find them in the lanes, so hide your gold! And be sure to ask them how their ship ended up in the middle of the forest. Some of their songs are a bit “colorful” and not suitable for younger ears.

The Renegades 3



Adrian Encampment

The Adrian Empire is dedicated to the study and re-creation of Western European culture between the Battle of Hastings (the year 1066) and the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England (the year 1603). Our members work to re-create the arts, skills, and culture of this range of the Medieval and Renaissance eras.


Adrain Medieval Encampment - Copy


Live Armored Combat
Adrians reproduce non-choreographed combat competitions in both one-on-one and group battle scenarios. Combat takes place in three basic forms: a training form for beginners using slatted bamboo weapons (shinais), rapier-style with a variety of fencing-type weapons, and heavy armored combat using steel weapons. Safety is the top priority and our rules put minimum standards on armor worn and limitations on weapons used.


Life Armored Combat - Copy



Historical Glass Works

We are a company whose main focus is on Historical Glass as well as fine decorative craft. Often, through objects in history, we can tell quite a bit about the people from those times. What those people valued and how they lived can often be seen in the glass that they used. This is as much true today as it ever was. Often, the glass in your hands and in your lives is a direct reflection of you, our patron, and us, the craftsman.

It is because of this that we strive to bring you the best glass that we can possibly make.






Spinners from The Space Coast Fiber Artist’s Guild with the use of drop spindles and spinning wheels give a historical representation of a not totally forgotten method of “spinning a yarn.”
Space Coast Fiber Artists on Facebook






The Blacksmith…..





The Fearless Improv Brigade

The Fearless Improv Brigade is first among many. They’re the first to flee a battle, the first in line for dinner, and the first to head to the local pub. FIBbers are funny that way. Actually, they’re funny in a lot of ways. Just give them a suggestion, and they’ll turn it into a Shakespeare-worthy scene, or even a song. Each bit is unique, made up on the spot, and – if we’re lucky – never seen again.Based at Surfside Playhouse, the FIBbers love to get the audience involved, whether it’s providing ideas for the next bit of craziness or being the subject of a freshly composed ballad. And they’re always safe for small ears.The Fearless Improv Brigade will be performing at various times and locations during the Fair.
For more information on the group, you can visit their website at


The Fearless Improv Brigade1

The Fearless Improv Brigade2



The Trash or Treasure Show

The Trash or Treasure show is perfect for children of all ages! We will delight you as we use our giant box of trash to tell stories that have been treasured throughout the ages.
Trash or Treasure on Facebook




Panama Pearl Pirate World

Where every hour on the hour there will be storytelling by the captain of our ship. After learning how to use a map and a compass the children will go on a treasure hunt. The captain will give them a tour aboard the Pirate ship. We’ll have Pirate games all day as well as Panama Pearl the sea witch telling fortunes at the encampment. Learning to work as a team is our goal. So dress as a Pirate and be a Pirate at our encampment Arrrrr.
Panama Pearl Pirate World on Facebook






Jeff Sterling the Court Jester of Magic

Wandering acts of magic and fun, find him and your search for comedy is done!






Maypole Dancing

Maypole Dancing: Maypole Dancing directed by Evanne Floyd and Randy Pasinski, Melbourne, Florida accompanied by The Medieval Gypsies, Melbourne, Florida. Please join us in this fun, colorful, frolicking and historical dance style.


Maypole Dancing - Copy



Celtic Feats

The lovely young lad and lasses of Celtic Feats will take you on a journey through Ireland’s history as they tell stories of war, love, and forgotten tales through traditional Irish step dancing.





Story Time With Jaimie M. Engle

Join Award-Winning Author, Lady Jaimie M. Engle as she reads from her novel, Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light. The book, set in Wickham Park, follows a boy tasked to rescue King Richard’s nephews from the Tower of London in 1485. Transported by a magic arrow to Medieval England, Clifton Chase is befriended by a dwarf, a mythical bird called Simurgh, a beautiful mermaid, and a pair of comical giants. Friendship, bravery, and sacrifice make this the perfect adventures for readers who enjoy Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, or The Chronicles of Narnia. When the Lady Engle isn’t reading in Wickham Park, she is visiting schools and writing more books. Preview the first 5 chapters at


Dark Princess




Seni Shire Performers

Seni Shire Performers are bringing you the Creatures of the Crystal Cave.



There is a new Pendragon coming into power in the land. This has caused a buildup of mystic energy and the magical creatures have started to re-emerge into the world. The Seni Shire is where many of these creatures come into being and make their home. There are dragon born as well as orcs, bugs, and other beastly little critters. It is likened to a crystal cave with part of it light and part of it dark. Mama Cat and Mama Dragoni sit just outside the cave with the occasional mermaid, keeping the fire lit and the beasties inside. Visitors are welcome but they must decide who is friend and who may be foe.



Once Upon A Dragon Time

Thanks to the continuance of time stories about dragons, they will forever enthrall, delight, and entertain the young (and young at heart). ‘Once Upon A Dragon Time’ seeks to contribute through the use of puppet theater, storytelling, and audience participation. The stories are from mythology, a bit of history, and fantasy.





The ArieArie! Show

You’ve never seen a show like this before, that’s because he is making it up as he goes! The ArieArie! Show is a Comedy Juggling show that will leave you entertained, dazzled and amazed!