Condensed Shakespeare (and more)
All the fun, none of the brain ache!

At the Brevard Renaissance Fair, you can find us on the Bard Stage with 2 different productions this year.

Can we put on the entirety of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream in 25 minutes or less? Why yes, we CAN! Much hilarity ensues when witless humans stumble into the realm of the fairies (and whatever the heck that Puck creature is.) Join us and see how it all plays out (mostly like The Bard wrote it).

The Sword in the Stone is a classic children’s tale about the education of young Arthur (who will one day be king!) This is an interactive production that engages kids of all ages in the playing out of the story. Did you ever think you might like to BE King Arthur? (Or just an insane bird of pray, or a very sick fish, or… well, you will have to come to the show to see what else…)Here is your chance!