Shelli Buttons

Adorable, sexy, fun, and feisty…. cute as a Button! Packed with Mad skills in the air and on the ground Shelli Buttons skills include, but are not limited to…

*Aerial Silks *Lyra (aerial hoop) *Trapeze *Aerial Cube * Juggling (knives, fire, clubs, babies) * Stilts *Fire Manipulation (Eating, Breathing, Poi) *Hula Hoop (fire hoop) *Acro Balance *Adagio *Wire/Rope walking *Walking Globe *Hand Balancing *Club Swinging *Shaker Cups *Comedy *Improvisation *Clowning *Contortion ** and overall Badassness!

My mission is to spread happiness everywhere I go and challenge you to push the boundaries and follow your dreams.