Our goal is to find the finest Renaissance Acts in the land and bring them to the Brevard Renaissance Fair. This  year we will be bringing you some of the TOP acts in the nation as selected by the people that attended  fairs throughout the country last year.

2019 Daily Entertainment

2020 entertainment list coming in July.

There Be Belly Dancers!!

Taking a doorway through time to when the ladies would dance at celebrations, parties and just for fun. The American Belly Dance Club are a group of ladies and gentlemen who have a passion for belly dance to different music styles and unique costuming. Many dance in groups, some dance as soloists, and with various props such as swords, tambourines and finger cymbals.

You’ve never seen a show like this before, that’s because he is making it up as he goes! The Arie Arie! Show is a Comedy Juggling show that will leave you entertained, dazzled and amazed!

Scandalous. Licentious. Madly impolitic. Surprisingly illuminating…and riotously funny.  This is The Wildly Inappropriate Poetry Of Arthur Greenleaf Holmes. Poet/comedian Gordon Boudreau takes you down the seamy corridors of literary expression as the fictional 16th century libertine poet Arthur Greenleaf Holmes.  Author of such morally corrosive verse as “I Bought A Cheese And Thought Of You,”  and  “Ode: To An Extremely Provocative Knothole”, Arthur presents his monstrously entertaining verse in a spirited celebration of the English language and all things unscrupulous.  Winner of the 2018 Renaissance Magazine poll as the nation’s  top adult act at renaissance faires.

 Taking back to a sweet simpler time with the Hammered Dulcimer.

Condensed Shakespeare (and more)
All the fun, none of the brain ache!

At the Brevard Renaissance Fair, you can find us on the Bard Stage with 2 different productions this year.

Can we put on the entirety of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream in 25 minutes or less? Why yes, we CAN! Much hilarity ensues when witless humans stumble into the realm of the fairies (and whatever the heck that Puck creature is.) Join us and see how it all plays out (mostly like The Bard wrote it).

The Sword in the Stone is a classic children’s tale about the education of young Arthur (who will one day be king!) This is an interactive production that engages kids of all ages in the playing out of the story. Did you ever think you might like to BE King Arthur? (Or just an insane bird of pray, or a very sick fish, or… well, you will have to come to the show to see what else…)Here is your chance!

We train in Viking tactics, practice teachings and crafts of the Norse ways, and help recreate the past for all to enjoy and learn from. We accept all people of every creed, gender, nationality, and of all race. We are just many tribes of people on a long ancient path.

The CRAIC Show is an intense & wildly entertaining act, made up of four international travelers who, in 1541, were banded together on an ancient battlefield.

This unique merging of music from far away lands brings a sound that is unlike any other.

Watching the group switch and interchange instruments throughout the show is something to see, songs are often started on bagpipes and ended with the entire group on percussions. Ever-changing and constantly blending styles, The CRAIC Show is always bringing a fresh, high energy blend of World Medieval Music.


A dazzling display of comedy and swordfighting brilliance!

The Duelists match wit & witticism, combat & comedy for a completely original and comedic take on dueling and swordsmanship. Using a variety of weapons—rapiers, daggers, sword and shield, axes, the halberd, mace, flail and more—The Duelists perform exciting and dynamic swordfights as they entertain in ‘The Manly Art of the Epic Duel’

Always an interactive experience, The Duelists even invite hecklers to do their worst, but beware; their wit is as sharp as their swords, and hecklers will be promptly dealt with in kind!

Fairy Forest is a “magical enchantment encampment.” It will be an interactive area that is sure to delight all ages. The area will display the fairy gardens entered in the fairy garden contest as well as a setting fit for fairies, pixies, fairy queens, and wood nymphs.

Activities offered shall include a magical setting, fairy stories, circle dances, glitter tattoos, fairy blessings of pixie dust, and “elf locks” (yarn tied around a loop of hair). We also plan to sell magic wands, Queens’ Tea, treats and fairy things. We have fun signage containing fairy facts, sayings, and lore. Historically, Friars were thought to keep towns free of fairies; “Friar for Hire” signs will be nearby.

Flight of the raptor is beauty of flight designed to educate, enlighten, and sometimes even amaze our audiences. Many thousands have seen our programs and return year after year to sometimes just visit the birds and enjoy the beauty of the flight.

Frightmaze Productions Medieval Torture Maze is where guests will wander through displays depicting a variety of torturous scenes, tutorials on the history of torture and its use in human society.  Frightmaze Productions also incorporates elements from their award winning haunted attractions to create sense of unease as guest maneuver their way through centuries of punishment and inhumane suffering.

Good Knight Theatre is a traveling puppet company. Our mission is to entertain, inspire and enrich the lives of our community through theatrical puppetry arts. We wish to sustain the traditions of old fashioned puppet theaters and are committed to producing high quality productions that are appealing to a wide range of audience members.

Dr. Judas Lynch and Ms. Magnolia Strange are a husband and wife team of escape artists and circus performers. Judas and Magnolia have performed some of the world’s best known and most dangerous escape stunts such as being locked inside burning boxes, chained underwater, and straitjacketed while dangling upside down over spikes. Their escapes can be seen on stages and street corners throughout the United States and Canada as they have worked with numerous circuses, renaissance faires, steampunk festivals, cabaret shows.

~Lady Ophelia’s Dance~
Lady Ophelia invites you to Flirt the old fashioned way!  Watch, Dance, Frolic, & Flirt as you are entwined in the history, the joy, and the traditions of the dance.

~Lady Ophelia`s Twisted Tales~
Twisted Tales is a lighthearted family friendly audience participation show where laughter and high jinx ensue! Fairy Godmother in training, Lady Ophelia, takes ordinary fairy tales and twists the plot to all new heights, as well as to create whole new stories that everyone will enjoy!

The Limeybirds are Faith, Charity & Bunnie – 3 strong sisters of song who genuinely love what they do – the high energy involvement of the audience keeps ’em coming back for more!

A three-part acapella trio, this Music Show is full of old favourites and new Limey songs with hilarious banter in between that keeps it new and exciting every time.

An unparalleled vocal group; The Limeybirds are always a crowd pleaser. Featuring music favourites like “Sweet Violets”, “Roll Me Over (In the Clover)”, and NEW Limeybirds originals like “Rolling in the Hay”, “LondonTowne” and “Bonny Rollin’ Sailor”.

What sets these gals apart? ALL classically trained with Musical Theatre backgrounds, this 30-40 minute show is Top Notch Music Entertainment that envelopes the audience and carries them away.

Add in some sibling rivalry with some competitive choreography..you can imagine the silliness.

This award winning act has performed for dignitaries & common-folk alike across Canada and the United States. The Limeybirds first appeared on the touring circuit in 1999 and quickly grew to become one of today’s hottest “Don’t Miss” acts on the Renaissance Festival circuit.

The Limeybirds are unique on the Renfest circuit – you won’t find another act today that combines such high energy antics with sharp wit, banter and not to mention their stunning harmonies & vocal arrangements.

Completing the package is their banter and wit as they are also skilled Improvisational artists. Many a heckler has found out the hard way…these ladies look sweet, but they know how to deliver a zinger!

Often imitated; NEVER duplicated, The Limeybirds are THE premier act for your Event. From Bawdy to Baroque, 1550’s to 1950’s we’re the show you’re looking for. With performance ratings from PG to N for Naughty….this exceptional act is a sure-fire hit.

Lyrewood is a relatively new music group that was formed when John Rata met Joette Giorgis about a year ago, after he moved to Port St. Lucie from Orlando. John had played early music with the group Olde Noyse, in the Orlando area, for over 20 years. John has also played trumpet professionally with the 536th Air Force Band, the Florida Symphony Orchestra, the Brevard Symphony, the Bach Festival Orchestra, Disney World, Epcot, Ringling Brothers, Holiday on Ice, and various Broadway shows, before health issues forced him to retire from that instrument. Joette is a classically trained guitarist and guitar teacher who has returned to her folk music roots and loves combining musical genres. John and Joette are both part of the music ministry at St. Bernadette’s Church in Port St. Lucie.  Joette has been in music ministry in four different states and she also plays for events such as art shows and cocktail hours. John's wife, Chandy, had sometimes played percussion with Olde Noyse, and was recruited to play more often.

Frolic with Layla and Sirena in the all new Mermaid playground.

Music The Gathering is an original, interactive, and energetic folk music show. Inspired by scenario and strategy games, Music The Gathering features a band of musicians who tell fantasy stories using songs with full harmonies and multi-instrumental arrangements, complete with jokes, toasts, and riddles.  At strategic moments, band members may cast spell cards against each other, which force them to complete crazy challenges while performing the music.

With a vast repertoire of traditional, world, and original music, the band uses their unique arrangements to bring songs to life in new and interesting ways. Each set is filled with zany characters, plot twists, improvisation, and laughs. With different games and songs in each set, each show allows the musicians and audience members to gather and create a truly unique experience together.

Noble Cause Productions is a company specializing in jousting, stage combat instruction, fight choreography, and horse stunts. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality shows for our audiences and clients. Noble Cause is continually striving to reach new heights with breathtaking new show concepts.
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Where every hour on the hour there will be storytelling by the captain of our ship. After learning how to use a map and a compass the children will go on a treasure hunt. The captain will give them a tour aboard the Pirate ship. We’ll have Pirate games all day as well as Panama Pearl the sea witch telling fortunes at the encampment. Learning to work as a team is our goal. So dress as a Pirate and be a Pirate at our encampment Arrrrr.
Panama Pearl Pirate World on Facebook

Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean Aerial High Wire Thrill Show” is a copyrighted production that incorporates the Sensational Murcia’s world famous High Wire act and the legendary Wheel of Death act all in a very unique setting.

It is your typical “GOOD” pirates against the “BAD” pirates in the never-ending battle for the treasure map, however, this all takes place suspended on a thin wire cable 30 feet in the air over the top of a huge pirate ship!

The whole performance is presented in authentic pirate costumes, complete with a beautiful pirate ship backdrop and set, exciting suspenseful music, fantastic use of lighting and smoke effects for an experience that you will never forget. It is nonstop action from beginning to end and guaranteed to thrill all ages.

The Renegades, a rag tag team of pirates led by Captain Isaac Driskull, who travel far and wide to sing shanties and songs of the sea. A scurvy crew, when they are not entertaining in the Pirates Pub, you may find them in the lanes, so hide your gold! And be sure to ask them how their ship ended up in the middle of the forest. Some of their songs are a bit “colorful” and not suitable for younger ears.

The Crew of the Royal Decoy specializes in warfare, we proudly bring you live black powder demonstrations, Sample and learn to make some tasty foods from. See the discipline of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines. Learn a new skill from the time period make and take for all ages. Enlist in the Royal Service and serve the King! Help the Commander of HMS Decoy hunt down some French Pirates in the quest to gain dominance of the land and sea.  

God Save the King!

Start with traditional tunes mixed with some original ideas, add some geek humor, and you’ll get high quality, musical “edu-tainment” from Rowan & The Rose!


The musical duo, made up of Arthur Rowan and Kelly Morris, take on the lovable characters of Rowan, the Bard of the Greenwood and Rosie McCann, the “Gem of Ireland’s Crown.” As Rowan and Rosie – the two have been creating music and edu-tainment together since their inception in 2011.

Adorable, sexy, fun, and feisty…. cute as a Button! Packed with Mad skills in the air and on the ground Shelli Buttons skills include, but are not limited to…

*Aerial Silks *Lyra (aerial hoop) *Trapeze *Aerial Cube * Juggling (knives, fire, clubs, babies) * Stilts *Fire Manipulation (Eating, Breathing, Poi) *Hula Hoop (fire hoop) *Acro Balance *Adagio *Wire/Rope walking *Walking Globe *Hand Balancing *Club Swinging *Shaker Cups *Comedy *Improvisation *Clowning *Contortion ** and overall Badassness!

My mission is to spread happiness everywhere I go and challenge you to push the boundaries and follow your dreams.

Tuggy and Lickity have taken a few weeks off from their world tour to bring you their legendary comedy show. If there’s only one thing you see before you die it should be The Mud Show!
Just listen to these reviews (with your eyes cause you can’t hear writing)! Reviews:
Lickity is a comical genius!
-LickityTuggy is Lickity’s brother!
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Steadfast Steel’s goal is to provide top quality themed entertainment, coupled with dynamic fight choreography, inspired costuming and larger than life characters. They train consistently to bring you a combination of high end stunt work, flashy swordsmanship and hard hitting action. Their shows range in size and theme but one thing is for certain, they are not your ordinary stage act or fight troupe.

The Trash or Treasure show is perfect for children of all ages! We will delight you as we use our giant box of trash to tell stories that have been treasured throughout the ages.
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Todd has been entertaining audiences as one half of the hilarious juggling duo The Zucchini Brothers for over 20 years. He has performed at virtually every type of venue imaginable. Todd’s verbal and spherical jocularities bind his audiences together, uniting them in a stage of obsequious fondness (folks have a lot of fun at his shows). Todd talks and jokes with his audiences often times more proficiently than he juggles. And that is a good thing. Really!

Join Brittany and her amazing unicorn Lily, In Unicorn Grove.

The Vodca Family is a nationally touring, interactive stage and street performance group. They offer an explusive dance and drum show, like never before seen at Renaissance Festivals.This family of candid, expressive and engaged characters is guaranteed to bring a burst of energy wherever they go. Their family friendly stage shows includes many styles of dance such as classical pointe ballet, belly dance, sword balancing and much more!

The Washing Well Wenches are an all-female comedy troupe that performs at various venues across the nation and beyond. Live, Love, Laugh, Launder… Repeat. GOOD, CLEAN FUN… WET, DIRTY WOMEN.
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The Wonder Elixir of Life show is a classic, Renaissance-era ‘medicine show’ in the style of the Mountebanks of the Tudor Era and beyond. Drawing on many sources, and speaking in some of the smoothest fast-patter around, these characters extol the virtues of their ‘amazing elixir’ and continue to delight and entertain in the meantime with small routines of ‘fortune telling’, magic, and humor.
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Wolgemut performs historical music on original instruments such as the medieval bagpipes, shawms and bombastic drums as well as quiet instruments like the flute, medieval fiddle and harp.

A little history-
Founded in Berlin, Germany, Wolgemut has performed throughout the United States and Europe since 1997. We pride ourselves on providing high quality entertainment guaranteed to leave the audience "in a good mood", which happens to be the translation of Wolgemut!

Youth in Harmony A Cappella Choir is a local Brevard County group. The young performers are 9-19 years of age. They are led by Director/Instructor Debra Thornton and will sometimes also be joined by Tenor/Recorder Player Mark Kirschner.

At Brevard Renaissance Fair, Youth in Harmony will be performing at the front gate to welcome our guests, leading dances and games in the lanes, and performing a 4:15 set on the Bard Stage. This is their 5th year performing in Renaissance Fairs, and they have been with BRF since our inaugural year. The Youth can’t wait to sing, dance, and play with you at the 2018 Brevard Renaissance Fair!

For more info about the Youth in Harmony, visit youthinharmony.us and find them on Facebook.

Special Appearance Entertainment

The smell of rum, the sea, and black powder. The crashing of the waves and sails snapping in the wind. The creaking of timbers over the raucous laughter of gentlemen of fortune.

Since the turn of the century, Musical Blades have delighted fans with their unique brand of pirate music and comedy, cutting a swath through the Midwest of the US. Now, they set their invasion sights on Florida! Whether it's rowdy mug bangers, harmony laden tear jerkers, favorite traditionals we've "pirated" or bawdy innuendo laced originals, the Blades bring it all in a high energy, gut busting show of piratical proportions!!!

Jaw Dropping feats of amazement and the most memorable Sword Swallower of the Ages.

X marks the spot as Vera Joins the crew in a night of unimaginable wonders.

Called  "One  of  the  most  unique  theater  troupes  in  the  country"  by  Good  Day  Atlanta,  PHANTASMAGORIA’s  ͞Wickedest  Tales  of  All͟  will  explode  onto  the  stage  of    with  its  haunting  and  whimsical  stories  of  horror,  ͞Phantastical͟  dance,  music,  explosive  stage  combat,  puppetry  and  enthralling  storytelling.  Join  this  evocative  troupe  of  storytellers,  dancers,  and  chorus  as  they  embark  on  adventures  through  their  most  popular  tales  of  terror  from  centuries  old,  horrific  folk  tales,  legends  and  myths  from  around  the  world.

Turn-of-the-Century Trouble Makin' Music. Ragtime, Jazz, Irish and bluegrass!

It was the clockwork of the universe and the knotwork of the stars that brought The CRAIC Show of old back together. Thus, they shall henceforth be now known as Clockwork Knotwork. They shall play the music of the New Era, that of Elysium and bring about peace to the world. Their music is of never ending origins, it is of the Deep Magic. When one listens to it, they gain a better quality of life, immortality in small doses.

Get Bonked! Aaron Bonk is a unique entertainer with a twisted sense of humor who risks his life to make‘em laugh. With original artistry, extraordinary skill and crazy personality all will enjoy the laughter and awe of a truly world-class performance.

Brother Panniculus was born in Flint. Brother Perfidius proudly carries on the family business of monkery, and has sired several bastards, also monks. These brothers wander the land attempting to interpret Bible stories with puppets. This usually ends in a fistfight. Currently leading in "Best Renaissance Festival performer ever" on World of Rennies website.  Also, Perfidius was voted "Most likely to be excommunicated" in his monastery yearbook. Perfidius is played by Dan Fox, Panniculus by Stevo Doccerson. Both of these fellows wish to make it known that they are utterly unlike the characters they portray. Except Dan Fox.

CELTICA–Pipes Rock! The  6–piece band shows with its battle cry their musical direction: The majestic-mystic sound of the Great Highland Bagpipe elevates above the powerful rock band, the masterly played violin expands the unique style with symphonic- epic melodies. Influences of Irish Folk, Symphonic Metal, and even Gothic merge with the energetic  Celtic music, full of lust of life. This sound, as international as the musicians-coming from Scotland, USA, Bulgaria and Austria- and the spectacular show guarantee a concert no one will ever forget. Mystic torches on the bagpipes and burning drumsticks, thundering against huge drums, create a cult- like atmosphere, flames, shooting out of the instruments, entertain every audience worldwide.