The CRAIC Show is an intense & wildly entertaining act, made up of four international travelers who, in 1541, were banded together on an ancient battlefield. This unique merging of music from far away lands brings a sound that is unlike any other.

Irishman Daniel leads this group with roguish vocals, rhythmic mandolin and intense bagpipes.

These pipes are paired up with enchanting Lady Lydia playing harmonizing violin.

The energy & enthusiasm of Cockney mate, Dylan on percussions is delightfully contagious.

Anchoring the band with strong vocals & heavy bass drum is the Nordic beauty, Tonya.

Watching the group switch and interchange instruments throughout the show is something to see, songs are often started on pipes and ended with the entire group on percussions. Everchanging and constantly blending styles, The CRAIC Show is always bringing a fresh, high energy blend of World Medieval Music. www.TheCraicShow.com