Fantasy Weekend

January 25 - 27, 2020

NE Weekend to Rule them All

With Our Fantasy Weekend: Hero’s, Heroines and Villains!

Pull out those outfits for Monty Python, LoTR, Witcher, GOT, and So Many other great Characters of Myth and Fantasy.

All will feel right at Home with the Fairies of Nature, A Snow White Unicorn, Giggling Mermaids, and The Guardian Dragon. Yet no great story ever happens without a great Villain.

Who will you Be?

Medieval Cosplay Contest At Food Court Stage

Saturday, January 25th @ 4:00pm

Rain Date- Sunday, January 26th

Sign up at the Guest Services booth at the front gate before 2:30 p.m. First 25 people signed will enter contest.

Come join us for prizes in the cosplay contest! So come dressed as your favorite barbarian, elf, fairy, wizard, troll or knight. We do ask that entrants stick to a historical or fantasy theme. Also awards go to “most popular” and “most creative” costuming effort. Cosplay is becoming a world phenomenon and when the Brevard Renaissance Fair goes cosplay we go medieval! Entrants into the Costume Contest must be over the age of 16. Minors must have parents’ permission to enter to contest. Judging will be based on costume accuracy, craftsmanship, stage presence/performance, and overall impact

Contest Guidelines:

  • Costumes and should not go beyond PG-13. This is a day time event so children may be present. If you have questions about what content is allowed please ask the Costume Contest Coordinator.
  • You may surprise the audience, but NEVER SURPRISE THE STAFF. Weapons must be able to pass the weapons check and be peace bonded.
  • All entrants must arrive at the stage a half hour prior to the beginning of the Costume Contest (3:30pm). This time will be used to go over the rules and to judge craftsmanship.
  • Entrants must stay for the entire time (Judging + Costume Contest) to be eligible for any prizes. Costumes from all periods of history pre 1700 will be allowed as well as Fictional creatures or characters of fantasy film, games and literature (elves, fairies, trolls, death knights, dothraki, kenders, etc.)

The following categories will be awarded:

  • First Place/Best in Show
  • Second Place
  • Third Place
  • Most Creative
  • People’s Choice (favorite entrant or group based upon audience reaction)

Then As the Sun Sets the Revelry Continues on with our Special Fantasy Event Concert and a Double Header to remember for ever

(Special event concert ticket sold separately or as part of certain packages. Starts at 7:00 pm)

Spectacle is too simple of a word to describe the visual sensations of:

Clockwork Knotwork

Turn-of-the-Century Trouble Makin’ Music. Ragtime, Jazz, Irish and bluegrass!

It was the clockwork of the universe and the knotwork of the stars that brought The CRAIC Show of old back together. Thus, they shall henceforth be now known as Clockwork Knotwork. They shall play the music of the New Era, that of Elysium and bring about peace to the world. Their music is of never ending origins, it is of the Deep Magic. When one listens to it, they gain a better quality of life, immortality in small doses.

And Back by popular demand to light the night on fire:

And lastly opening for all and setting the stage for rhythm, movement, and enhanced blood flow…

The Vodca Family