Sherwood Forest Siege


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Performing: Daily at Sherwood Forest

Times: 1:45

Duration: 45 Minutes

Price: $10

What You Get: Training Sword, Fully Produced Theatrical Experience with Robin Hood where your child plays the part of the Hero. 

Join Robin Hood, Marion, Little John, and all your favorite Merry Men for the defense of Sherwood Forest! This is a brand new live-action experience that brings your little ones into the story. The Sherwood Forest Siege begins with your child being inducted into the Merry Men, then trained in the Bow and Sword by Robin Hood himself. Then, the Black Knight attacks Sherwood Forest! Watch your children safely fight side by side with Robin and his Merry Men in this 45-minute long event. At the end, each child earns a certificate of bravery, a training sword to take home, and a lifetime of memories.

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January 8, January 9, January 15, January 16, January 22, January 23, January 29, January 30, February 5, February 6