4th Weekend

Can you hear the Pipes calling you to don your kilt and tartan, grab your friends and family, and join us in a celebration of Scotland? Enjoy a Scotch egg, dance a reel to the pipes, or try your luck in the “Bonnie Knees Contest" 

Bonnie Knee Contest (over 18)
February 6th & 7th @ 3:00pm at Good Ale’s Adult Pub
Open to the first 20 people to sign-up at Information by 2:00 pm.

Join us for the second annual Bonnie Knee Contest, put on your kilt and have those knees felt, fondled and judged by our select panel of female judges. Prizes will be awarded to winners and losers will be mocked.

Three ladies judges are picked, blindfolded and made to sit on chairs.  Each has an assistant who takes notes as the lady feels and judges the knee of each man who walks through the line. At the end, they compare notes. The gentleman who is deemed to have the “bonniest (bonnie-est not bony-est) knee” wins. NO portion of the contestant’s attire or behavior may contain explicit or offensive material or actions. Undergarments must be worn under kilt. No contestant may be carrying any dangerous weapons as part of their attire.

Preregistration is free but required and limited to the first 20 males, kilts are also required for this highly competitive event.