Fantasy Weekend

2nd Weekend

Medieval Cosplay Contest
January 23rd & 24th @ 3:00pm at Good Ale’s Adult Pub
Two awards for Best of Show and People’s Choice

Come join us for prizes in the cosplay contest! So come dressed as your favorite barbarian, elf, fairy, wizard, troll, or knight. We do ask that entrants stick to a historical or fantasy theme. Also, awards go to the “most popular” and “most creative” costuming effort. Cosplay is becoming a world phenomenon and when the Brevard Renaissance Fair goes cosplay we go medieval! Entrants into the Costume Contest must be over the age of 16. Minors must have parents’ permission to enter to contest. Judging will be based on costume accuracy, craftsmanship, stage presence/performance, and overall impact

Contest Guidelines:

Costumes and should not go beyond PG-13. This is a day time event so children may be present. If you have questions about what content is allowed please ask the Costume Contest Coordinator.

You may surprise the audience but NEVER SURPRISE THE STAFF. Weapons must be able to pass the weapons check and be peace bonded.

All entrants must arrive at the stage a half-hour prior to the beginning of the Costume Contest (3:30 pm). This time will be used to go over the rules and to judge craftsmanship.

Entrants must stay for the entire time (Judging + Costume Contest) to be eligible for any prizes. Costumes from all periods of history pre-1700 will be allowed as well as Fictional creatures or characters of fantasy film, games, and literature (elves, fairies, trolls, death knights, Dothraki, Kenders, etc.)

The following categories will be awarded:

First Place/Best in Show

Second Place

Third Place

Most Creative

People’s Choice (favorite entrant or group based upon audience reaction)