Brevard Renaissance Fair, Season of the Hood

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“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”

William Shakespeare



Rick and Donna Moore

Lane Character Training and Coordination; Fight Directors/Choreographers; Melee, King Arthur & Mordred fight




With over 40 years of combined experience performing throughout Florida, Rick and Donna bring their talents and expertise in character development and staged violence to our cast. They have created and brought to life a wide variety of characters for many venues including Faires, festivals, plays, and film documentaries, as well as corporate and private events. As founding members of MASK (Melbourne Academy of Staged Kombat) they are well versed in all aspects of staged violence and theatrical disciplines. They have studied under many Fight Directors and Certified Instructors from The SAFD (Society of American Fight Directors). It is their goal to bring the art of staged violence to our little part of the world with hopes that our students and associates will likewise spread their love for the art. As they like to say…. There’s always time for a good fight!



The Royal Court

Thomas Rochester

Character: King Arthur




The prodigal son of the Rochester family, Thomas Carter Rochester ventured out into the wide world of college and somehow graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Insistent on never having to utilize said degree, he then ventured into the wide world of acting in early 2016. Thomas has a background in Improv comedy, and has done stand up in Melbourne, FL. Thomas actively cosplays and handmakes his own costumes. Thomas is a 25 year old child who has taken only 5 serious pictures in his entire life. Thomas is also an amateur rapper with his style emulating Eminem, Notorious B.I.G and Kendrick Lamar.



McKenna Russell

Character: Queen Guinevere

McKenna Russell fell in love with the theater at an early age and has been performing ever since. An accomplished Irish step dancer, McKenna has been studying at the Rondeau School of Irish Dance for 7 years. She enjoys all aspects of the fine arts including dance, singing, acting, and choreography. In her spare time she loves cosplay, photography, swing dance, Broadway, and special effects makeup. She looks forward to traveling around the world and meeting people from other cultures.


Dalton Berling

Character: Mordred

Born in the frozen realms of Trondheim, Norway, Dalton currently lives in Melbourne, Florida wandering the lands and finding himself in many weird and wonderful situations. Currently Dalton attends Eastern Florida State College working towards his Associates Degree before leaving to University of Florida to study communications and cultural anthropology. In his down time it is possible to find Dalton occupying his time in some deep wooded area painting, playing a plethora of musical instruments, or even at the coastline either taking to the water like a fish or laying on the beach like a Walrus.



Emilie Petri

Character: Morgana


Emilie grew up in the forests of Pennsylvania, always enjoying being in nature and doing things the old world, hands on way. Since the young age of five, she has been an enthusiast of the Medieval and Renaissance time periods. She is very excited to be participating in the Brevard Renaissance Fair this year, after enjoying it immensely as a patron last year. In her daily life, she is a mother, entrepreneur, and student at Eastern Florida State College. She loves making herbal remedies, crafting, and helping others along their personal journeys. Connect with her on Facebook


Jeri Russell

Character: Aubrey Dalling – Lady in Waiting to Queen Guinevere

Jeri Russell is a local who was able to combine her love of history and theater in St. Augustine where she participated in many of the reenactments there for several years. She has also performed at the Arabian Nights Dinner Theater as well as a tour with the Royal Hanneford Circus. Jeri is an avid cosplayer who loves Steampunk, Pirating, and is a self proclaimed Trekker. She is most proud of her two amazing children who will also be performing at the Brevard Renaissance Fair this year.


Noah Russell

Character: Sir Gawain – Nephew to King Arthur and Knight of the Round Table.

Noah Russell is a history buff who also enjoys the stage. An active member of his school’s theater group, he is excited about being part of the Brevard Renaissance fair this year. Noah is every active in the cosplay community and holds a red belt in Taekwondo , his other passion. He is also proficient in Korean swordsmanship and Bo staff techniques.


Gabriel Cenker

Character: Sir Tristan – Knight of the Round Table




Gabriel Cenker is thrilled to be part of the Brevard Renaissance Fair this year! He has always been interested in acting but had not found the right avenue until he met the wonderful Bren Fair group. He is an old soul and believes that he was a Peregrine Falcon in his past life. His hobbies include archery, rocketry, cooking, robotics, hiking, hanging out with friends and all things space science.



Our Village

Emery Rice

Character: Saul Beagosse


Emery Rice aka Saul Beagosse, based on a D and D character of the Pathfinder series, plays as a Scout/Ranger. With over 20 years of Renaissance Fairs, he started with the Georgia Renaissance Fair, then on to the Florida Renaissance Fair, Bay Area Renaissance Fair, Lady of the Lakes, and is now with the Brevard Renaissance Fair.

Since 2014, Emery has also been a member of Adrian Empire Constantinople, a local medieval reenactment group, who studies the medieval arts, ministry, combat and archery.

As Saul the Silent, he is a Yeoman, and he only answers to the Emperor. At present he is in the service to Emperor L’Bete de Acmd and to the Almighty God. He has returned from the Holy lands at the Emperor’s request.



Eldona Mellen

Character: Lady Elda




Eldona Mellen or, The Lady Elda is back for her 2nd year at the Brevard Renaissance Fair. As part of our Administrative Committee, she facilitates promotional events and our Renaissance Weddings. Don’t be surprised to see her on The Bard Lite Stage as Titania or in the lanes doing some matchmaking.



Xander Mills Alex

Character: Changling Child/Servant


Xander says, “It’s tough to be 9 and hang out all day at a Renn Fair”. A 3rd grader at Palm Bay Elementary, he is happy to be appearing on The Bard Lite Stage and experiencing his life-long dream of being on the same stage with his Grandpa (Mike Mellen).


Jennifer Frandsen

Characters: Peter Quince in the Bard Lite performance of Shakespeare’s “Midsummer’s Night Dream” as well as Gabs Alot (better known as Gabby), a resident of our little hamlet.




Jennifer Frandsen has been a performer all her life. Her travels and adventures have led her to work with the Henegar Center for the Arts, Melbourne Civic Theater, Brethren of the Space Coast, and the Medieval Gypsies. She was last cast as Dr. Jack Seward in the Actor Asylum’s All Girl Dracula. She would like to give a huge huzzah to all of the friends and family she has in the Brevard Renaissance family.



Heath Blumberg

Characters: Oberon in the Bard Lite performance of Shakespeare’s “Midsummer’s Night Dream” and The Duke




Heath is very excited to be performing for the first time at the Brevard Renaissance Fair with such an amazing and talented cast. He would like to thank his Family and the whole Bren Fair Family for this amazing opportunity.



Priscilla Blyseth

Character: Mary Elizabeth who married Sir “Kay”. She is an entrepreneur as a consultant for beauty products that enhance the appearance. Sound familiar? (Me thinks pre-“Kay”).




Priscilla Blyseth moved to Florida from Long Island, New York. She has had many titles throughout the years including Miss Long Island, nurse, substance abuse counselor, wife, mother of 5, grandmother of 7 and great gran to a 2 year old. She has written and directed a murder mystery show and several children’s shows. She enjoys performing in the local theaters and getting to know the amazing talent in Bervard. She is also involved in community clubs and a member of the Board of Directors at the Henegar Center.



Victoria Blumberg

Character: Isabella Kay



Victoria Blumberg I grew up in New York going to the Tuxedo Renaissance Fair every fall. From the very first one I would buy pieces of my garb so that eventually I would be part of the fair. This is my first fair as a lane character I’m Isabella working along side my mother Priscilla playing Pre Kay. My two daughters Jessica and Jordyn are playing Sal and Cal. I have directed and written several plays and my passion is supporting the arts.



Jennifer Cenker

Character: Willow Faintree

Jennifer Cenker has been drawn to the arts and nature her whole life and has always been interested in living a much simpler life. When she is not trying to keep up with her busy home-schooled teenager, she is out exploring in her kayak, getting lost in a book, or hiking in the woods. She has a passion for photography and the outdoors and runs her own business of hand-painting specialty items.


Mark Sexton

Character: Maerek the Shrewd


Maerek the Shrewd is a local born son of a traveling merchant. A seneschal for hire, he is often found trading information and networking throughout the shire. His connections make him known as a fair, but shrewd, purveyor of rare objects and information. Often finding temporary employment as a tax collector, he does his best to collect favors and mediate disturbances within the shire. A background in armed service for his lord, he could easily be found intimidating, but prefers a battle of wits to one of steel. Best quoted as declaring that “Everything has a price and every price is negotiable with the right leverage.” He has never met a deal he didn’t like.



Morgan Hanks

Character: Alduin O’Malley – Mystical Protector of the forest.




Morgan Hanks loves acting and truly being a character. She is quite nostalgic and enjoys historical themes, especially of the Renaissance variety. She is also very creative and her hobbies include painting, drawing, playing instruments such as the piano, guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. Morgan also expresses her creativity through crafting, photography, and cosplay to include makeup and costuming.