Brevard Renaissance Fair, Season of the Hood

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Education Day

Just as food eaten without appetite is a tedious nourishment, so does study without zeal damage the memory by not assimilating what it absorbs.” ~Leonardo da Vinci~ 



Brevard Renaissance Fair “SCHOOL DAY” Invitation

The Brevard Renaissance will wet your appetite today with all the things you can learn about the Renaissance period and how people lived.

Brevard Renaissance Fair invites you to join us Friday, February 2, 2018, for “School Day” at the Fair.

The gates will open at 9:30 a.m. and close at 3:00 p.m.  Discount ticket prices are available for groups that pre-register. The prices are $5.00 for students and $2.00 per adult.  Children with disabilities are admitted free.  Children will need spending money to make purchases at the event.


* Please note that education day is a reduced show. Not all acts and activities will be present, as this day is geared toward education.


What To Expect

At the Fair, students and teachers can explore the encampments and medieval marketplace. They will see talented artisans demonstrate their traditional wares and skills such as the time-honored arts and crafts of weaving, blacksmithing, jewelry making, carving, woodworking, and glassblowing.

The theme for the 2018 Brevard Renaissance Fair is “Season of the Hood.”  Cheer on armored knights as they joust upon the field of honor and glory.  Visit our stages of entertainment where jugglers, musicians, and dancers entertain with continuous revelry – providing an assortment of dancing, ancient music, and button busting laughs.  Play games of skill that challenge those of any age; shoot arrows, throw battle-axes, siege the towers with the ballista. If you didn’t pack a lunch, enjoy all the delicacies of the Food Court where you will find delicious food fit for Kings and Queens. Come experience the all the colorful, historical culture of our medieval fair!

We hope to see your class!  If more than one group within your organization is registering, please use separate registration forms.  To avoid long lines at the event, we suggest you provide payment information in advance. Mark the deadline date and event date on your calendars. Payments may be made online or on the day of the Fair. Remember to reserve your school bus early!

For questions, please contact Anthony Derivi 321-914-6582

Thank you!


View our Education Day Entertainers Here!


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