So you want to be a Vendor at the Brevard Renaissance Fair – well get ready for a great experience.

Do you have something unique that is period appropriate to sell? No plastic products, No sunglasses, no tasers, only period-appropriate materials, and items. If you are in doubt contact us to find out. If you do get your application filled in along with your check and mailed back to us immediately. Once all available spaces are filled, and they will be, your name will be added to a waiting list. If a spot opens, we will contact you.

Get your application filled in along with your check and mailed back to us immediately.

So three very basic things to qualify

  • 1. Period Appropriate Items
  • 2. Period Appropriate Booth
  • 3. Period Appropriate Attire

If these three things can be met then complete the form below

Just like we want the experience of our guests to be enjoyable, we also want your stay to be enjoyable and financially rewarding. 

Site Design

One of the primary goals of the Brevard Renaissance Fair is to provide fairgoers a feeling of stepping back in time when they walk through the gates. To create this type of ambiance, we have some simple requirements of vendors.

The finished look of all vendor sites must provide a period feel. So if you come in with a white pop up tent, it will require some decorating to make it a renaissance tent. We have several ways you can accomplish this.

  • The first is to follow the link below, and you can do it yourself.
  • Contact our staff and they will work with you.
  • We have somebody that will help you for a small fee.
  • How to convert your popup

Vendor Costume

  • Create your costume in app. 4 minutes. Here is a
    video that will show you have to change yourself in 4 minutes.
  • Renaissance Costume made easy – video


Vendor Application

Full Business Name *

Your Street Address

Your City State Zip

Contact Number

Alternate Number

Business Website

Your Email*

Please list the services or products that you will be offering. All booths must be Renaissance-themed by time of event. Any products not listed may be subject to required removal by the management.

Vendor Fees

Vendors who submit a complete application and payment by August 1st will receive a $25 discount.

Enter your booth size (Mandatory - not including side ties)*

If your booth space requires Side Ties, Please state how many Additional feet here

Standard Booth Space / additional booth space at 20% discount

Fee includes all three weekends and school day

Cart Fee and Roving vendor


Food Vendor


Do you want Electricity for an extra $50 (Limited and only applicable in certain locations One 110v, 15 amp outlet)

Yes I want electricity


Any additional Notes

Terms and Conditions

1. Independent Contractor Status:
The Vendor, as an independent contractor, agrees to make all reports and returns for and to pay and arrange for payment of all Social Security and withholding obligations by and for the act and members thereof due to the United States Federal Government and any State or Municipal Government.

2. Disclaimer:
In consideration of the Vendor contracting as an independent contractor, he/she hereby waives any and all rights of action for accidents or injuries which may occur while at the Festival and agrees that neither the Company nor its owners, officers, agents, or employees shall be liable to the undersigned, or those claiming through the undersigned, and shall indemnify the Company and the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners, and hold them harmless for any claim or damage arising out of any injury, death, or property damage in connection with the undersigned's participation at the Brevard Renaissance Fair. I have read and fully understand this Agreement to be binding upon me and my company. I understand that no oral agreements or other representatives shall be binding on the Company absent written agreement. I understand that I may not assign my rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the Company. This Agreement shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida and Brevard County, and agree to submit to jurisdiction in the State of Florida regarding same.

3 Refund Policy
All sales are final and NO REFUNDS will be given.

*Acceptance is not guaranteed, and dependent upon Review by the Company.
Until said Acceptance, this contract is not binding.*

I agree to the terms

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