Melbourne, FL

2025 Dates: January 18th to February 23rd

Our Cast

Our Story

We begin the day in the year 1559 A.D. in the charming village of Wickhamshire, a sleepy, quiet little place somewhere nestled in the tranquil countryside in the southeast of England. The village is all abuzz with excitement surrounding a rare and unprecedented Royal Visitation! Queen Elizabeth Tudor and her Court have come to Wickhamshire to enjoy the Winter Holiday Market Faire and celebrate the young Queen’s one year anniversary of her succession. ‘Tis is a great honour to host such exalted personages, and the Lady Mayor, Lady Ophelia, and her simple villagers, have labored hard to ensure that the Queen, and all their guests, enjoy their time away from a hectic life at court.

Our Players


Elizabeth is the youngest child and daughter of the late King Henry VIII, and his second queen, Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth’s place in the Tudor Dynasty had always been an unsteady one. Since her mother’s execution, her position as a Princess in the line of succession had been uncertain. However, upon the death of her older sister Queen Mary, Elizabeth ascended the throne as rightful sovereign. It hath been a busy and eventful year for Elizabeth. Since her coronation, she hath tried to secure a peaceful and equitable balance betwixt her Protestant and Catholic subjects, filling many positions in the Royal Household with people she thinks she can trust, negotiating a peace with France without causing friction with her ally Spain, and fending off her many advisors who wish to see the Queen make an advantageous wedding match. At the nonce, the young Queen hath taken time for respite from the usual Royal duties, and hath returned here, to Wickhamshire, in celebration of the anniversary of her accession, and a much needed holiday, or so she believes…


Portrayed by Emy McGuire

Emy is an aspiring siren, sailor, and sword-enthusiast whose passion in life is to experience and tell stories.  She has written seven novels, sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, and recently produced an original pirate musical as her undergraduate senior thesis.



The Archduke Charles, along with his German Landsknecht entourage, has traveled far from his homeland of Austria to put forth his suit to wed Queen Elizabeth. At the behest of his cousin, King Philip of Spain, the Archduke wishes to negotiate a marriage with Elizabeth, and thus to her kingdom of England. Marriages amongst Royals are rarely made for love, but arranged by treaty for alliances, power and the continuance of dynasties, with little or no regard for the feelings, ages, or personal wishes of those contracted. Spain desires England to remain a Habsburg ally, and several of Elizabeth’s privy councilors see the advantage of such a union, to increase trade with the Imperial Free Cities and the East, having the Empire support England against France, securing peace with Spain, helping to protect Elizabeth and her throne from her enemies, and ensuring the line of succession with an heir to the throne. Although the Queen finds her affable and boisterous Austrian Imperial guest amusing, her thoughts stray from any suggestion of marriage, although she does enjoy making her friend, Robert Dudley, squirm a bit. Besides, it seems the Queen plays the marriage game as a chess match to be won, to retain her power and her crown alone, fending off all suitors, and never having to answer to any man.


Portrayed by Timothy Fraley

Timothy is a classically trained professional actor. He has been in theater from childhood and has been performing at faires and festivals for decades, portraying a wide range of memorable and unique interactive characters. With his background in stage, environmental theater, and history, whether bringing emperors, kings, archdukes, dukes, popes, heroes or villains to life, his singular talents and gracious style have made him a festival favorite from the southernmost tip of Florida to the shores of the Great Lakes, and places in between.



Sir Robert’s family fell from a lofty height supporting Jane, the Nine Days Queen. When Queen Mary took her throne, Dudley’s father lost his head, and the entire family was thrown into the Tower to await the same fate. With the marriage of King Philip to Queen Mary, the King intervened, showing the remaining Dudley family mercy. In return, Sir Robert fought in France for King Philip, and proved his worth at court, at least to some. Sir Robert hath always held a great affection for his childhood friend, Elizabeth. Now that she is Queen, she hath gifted Robert with the important post of Master of Horse, which requires him to remain close to the Queen, and she hath also made him a Knight of the Garter as a reward for his loyalty. Their close friendship, and the Queen’s flirtatious nature, is the source of much scurrilous gossip and scandal at court. Some believe the Queen would even marry Sir Robert if he were free to do so and not already wed to another, but it is also rumoured that Lady Amy Dudley is afflicted with an illness. No one knows if Sir Robert’s true affections for Elizabeth rest in his own self-interest, but how far, and to what ends, shall he go to pursue his ambitionsナ 


Portrayed by Pluto Boll

Pluto Boll is an actor, immersive storyteller, musician, and lover of violence. They have acted and fought in stage productions, rowed boats down the Arkansas River, and helped compose a fully produced pirate musical this year alone. They are very excited to work in this year’s Brevard Renaissance Faire, and hope to travel and do more immersive acting like this in the future. 



Sir Ambrose is the older brother of Sir Robert Dudley. He too was sent to the Tower with his family for supporting Lady Jane Grey as Queen, and also regained his freedom, and the restoration of his honour, by serving with the combined Anglo-Spanish Army against the French at the Battle of St. Quentin. Upon her accession, Queen Elizabeth appointed Sir Ambrose Master of the Ordinance, in keeping with his military experience. He and his brother Robert are very close, both in their personal and professional lives. Sir Ambrose is married to Elizabeth Tailboys, in her own right Baroness Tailboys of Kyme.   


Portrayed by Jordan Wiley

Jordan is overjoyed to currently be part of the production of ELF. He has been acting since he was six years old. Some of his past productions include Rent, Firebringer, The SpongeBob Musical, Beauty and the Beast, Monsters Inc., Peter Pan, Midsummer Night Dream, and quite a few more. He has performed at Surfside, Art for All Studio, and Cocoa Village Playhouse, and is excited to be a part of cast at this year’s Brevard Renaissance Festival, and is always looking forward to working with new people. He can’t wait to put on the show!



Lady Lennox is the daughter of Margaret Tudor, the Dowager Queen of Scotland and Henry VIII’s older sister. She came to England in her youth, to live in the household of her first cousins, Mary and Elizabeth. Twice Lady Margaret angered King Henry with her scandalous behavior, but she became very close to Mary, and remained her confidant throughout that Queen’s reign. A Catholic, coupled with her nearness in blood to the throne, Queen Mary remarked on more than one occasion that Margaret should make a more suitable replacement for Elizabeth in the succession. That was not to be, and even Queen Mary’s widower, King Philip of Spain, supported the succession of Queen Elizabeth to the throne of England.


Portrayed by Grace Svitak

Grace Svitak is excited to be returning again this year as cast at the Brevard Renaissance Fair. She has been attending Renaissance festivals since she was a wee one both on the east and west coast where her love for it all began. She has been seen frequenting the stage in the fashion world and some behind the camera work in the music industry. She is excited to be back and bring life to the characters you see.



Lady Hertford is the granddaughter of the late Mary Rose Tudor, King Henry VIII’s youngest sister. Katherine is also the younger sister of Lady Jane Grey, who was executed as a usurper by Queen Mary. As a technicality of the Royal Succession, Lady Katherine is considered by many as the heir presumptive to the throne, as the only Protestant and thus acceptable person in line to her cousin, the Queen. Since Elizabeth has no children or chosen heir, this is one reason the Queen’s councilors are so keen to see their Sovereign wed. They would prefer a son and heir male to secure the Tudor dynasty, and thus Elizabeth’s throne, in such uncertain times. Once treated like a princess under Queen Mary, often outranking Elizabeth at court, Katherine is now a Lady-In-Waiting to the Queen. It is rumoured that Elizabeth hath said she will never let her cousin marry, and perhaps bear a son that might contest or inherit the Crown.


Portrayed by Holly Bailey

Holly is excited to be joining the cast full time at Brevard this year after working the festival there the last 4 years as a part of Unicorn Hugs and Noble Cause Productions and performing around the country with them. Her love of history was bolstered by her time working at Hampton Court Palace and her passion for Tudor fashion can be seen in her work with The Tudor Tailor, she is excited to bring Katherine Grey to life after spending many years admiring her tomb in Salisbury Cathedral.



Maria is a lifelike clockwork automaton marionette, made by the famous Austrian toymaker Hans Spielzeughersteller of Salzburg, Toymaker to the Imperial House of Habsburg! The toy was commissioned by His Imperial Highness, Charles, Archduke of Austria, who himself is a well-known collector of art, oddities and life-sized toys. His collection boasts full sized working jousting knights, jesters, and other fanciful masterpieces of the toy making art. The Archduke has brought Maria all the way to England to present this Renaissance marvel to his prospective bride, Queen Elizabeth, in hopes of winning her heart. Just a quick wind up andナ


Portrayed by Sophia Baker

Sophia Baker lives in Boynton Beach, FL, and works as a Director of Rehab at an assisted living and memory care facility. She has been taking part in Renaissance Faires and events alike in some shape or form since she was 16, initially volunteering at Defenders of the Crown of Hoggetowne in Gainesville. She has traveled to NY for the Tuxedo and Sterling Renaissance faires, working primarily with merchants. Sophia currently dabbles in swordplay and the occasional shift at the massage booth for her local faires as well as enjoying partaking in some privateering at pirate festivals with her crew, the Sea Witches. She is excited to take on her new roles at the Brevard Renaissance Festival!



Willa the Jester is the daughter of Wylliam “Will” Sommers, the favorite Fool and confidant of King Henry VIII, and Jane Foole, Queen Mary’s personal Jester throughout her lifetime. Will Sommers only recently retired from foolery after Queen Elizabeth’s coronation last year. Now the Queen has employed his daughter as her very own Court Jester. We can all hope that Willa amuses and delights Her Majesty. 


Willa Somer is Also Portrayed by Sophia Baker



Sir Richard is the brother of Lady Mildred Cecil, wife of Queen Elizabeth’s most trusted Councilor and Secretary Sir William Cecil. Richard is a Member of Parliament, and as such he is well versed in the political workings of the realm. He may not be the most effective MP, nor the brightest, but he is well educated like his brilliant sister, and one hopes he outlives the general consensus that he is, “a bit off”. Sir Richard dreams of making an advantageous wedding match, perhaps even one to climb too far above that which his rank and station would otherwise reachナ


Portrayed by Robert Workman

Robert got his love for reenactment with his father when he was young and did a Wild West themed gun safety show. After 11 years working as a pirate reenactor for multiple festivals throughout Florida, he has quickly become a valued member of a part of a major cast. Robert happily returns once again to entertain and delight the audience at the Brevard Renaissance Fair. He has worked with stunts, being blown off a boat with minor pyrotechnics, sword fights, and did a black powder display. He’s here, because of the love of it!



As the Mayor of Wickhamshire, Lady Ophelia More has the responsibility of overseeing the day’s festivities, and making sure that all is in readiness for the royal arrival. She hopes to also enjoy the day with her dear friend and fellow mischief maker, Lady Lucy Somerset. The Lady Mayor is hoping for a smooth day, but when does that ever happen when Nobility is present. Aside from making sure all goes well with the visiting Nobility, this is her last term as the Lady Mayor.  She is stepping aside her position for the next generation to govern. Now if only someone worthy can fill the role! Follow the candidates, Quentin and Johnathan, the Brother’s Blackquill, along with Bess and Marley, as their campaign managers, as they campaign for Mayor of Wickamshire!


Portrayed by Lady Ophelia More



Lady Lucy Somerset’s father is Henry Somerset, 2nd Earl of Worcester. Her late mother was Lady Margaret Courtenay; however she passed away in an unfortunate accident when Lady Lucy was only a year old. Her step-mother is Elizabeth Browne. Through her mother she is connected to the late Henry Courtenay, 1st Marquess of Exeter (her Uncle). Her second cousins, living and dead, included among others, Arthur, Prince of Wales, Margaret Tudor, Queen consort of Scotland, King Henry VIII of England, and Mary Tudor, Queen consort of France. She is well born and well connected, though so far lived a somewhat sheltered life, and has not yet been to court.  Lady Lucy is excited to see the royal court, as well as enjoy the day with her dear friend, and fellow mischief maker, the Lady Mayor, Lady Ophelia. Perhaps with her help, she may hopefully fulfill her dream and gain a position at court.


Portrayed by Kara Tingle

Kara has been involved in theatre since 2002 and in Renaissance faires, festivals, and interactive theatre since 2004. Over the years she has portrayed many characters and held many positions including street cast, choral director, and cast director. She has performed at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire, the Pennsylvania, and the Brevard Renaissance Fair, and with Noble Art Theatre Company. Kara is excited to be a part of the Brevard Renaissance Fair.



Beware of the Sheriff in Wickhamshire! You will see him throughout the village with his book of rules and finesナwhen he is not napping that is! All he desires is to keep the peace and quiet for his beloved little village of Wickhamshireナand to sleep. Mostly sleep. He is tough but fair. A smile goes a long way to soften his heart. Though, make sure that thy feathered plumes are the standard 12 inches in length!


Portrayed by Chris Erikson

Chris Erikson is an emerging actor and stunt actor currently living in Florida’s Space Coast. He is fairly new to Renaissance Fairs and reenactment, having joined the Brevard Renaissance Festival last year, but brings a lifetime of diverse experience to the cast. He’s excited to spend the next few weekends immersed in the era, and telling stories as part of this extremely talented team. 



William was appointed Master Gaoler and executioner of Wickhamshire by Queen Elizabeth I, after having faithfully served the Crown as a stable boy during Queen Mary’s reign. He is a pragmatic entrepreneur when it comes to the disposal of the belongings of the unfortunate souls that pass under his gentle keeping. He is not undisposed to placing the unsuspecting in his gaol cell upon request of their fellows.


Portrayed by William Smith

William is a second year cast member of Brevard Renaissance Fair and a scare actor for eight years at local haunt events. His Love of English History prompted him to further expand his knowledge of both history and his own personal ancestry. He considers being a scare actor a hobby, he is also honored to be a part of the faire and bring his character, William the Dane, to life. 



The first Royal Menagerie was established at the Tower of London during the reign of King John. Medieval monarchs often exchanged rare and strange animals as gifts. These exotic wild animals had never before been seen in London. The Queen hath opened the menagerie in the Tower to be viewed by her subjects, and since Wickhamshire holds a beloved place in Her Majesty’s heart, she hath sent her trusted menagerie keeper, Lavannah Todd, to establish a new Royal Menagerie here. 


Portrayed by Savannah Lynn



Sarpedon Dardanus, First flower of Dardan, Master Florist, wooer of women. Sarpedon is a master florist. A gentleman by day and wooer of women and thief -by night, but, don’t let his floral skills deceive you! Sarpedon is a very skilled swordsman when he is forced to defend his honor or his life!   


Portrayed by Stephen Di Russo 

Stephen has a background of running and playing LARP’s for over 20 years, involving building props, acting, and character development. He has a long love of Renaissance faires, attending them since he was a child, and working on the joust field. He is thrilled to be a part of the Brevard Renaissance Fair’s cast this year!



Master Tinker is a very busy man. Between the court and the villagers, He is constantly saving us all with his wonderful knowledge of fixing all our broken possessions.  We clearly would not know what to do without him.


Portrayed by Mike Mellon

Mike has been involved with the Brevard Renaissance Fair since its beginning, and is part of both the cast and administrative team. When he isn’t doing nerdy computer things to pay the bills, he can be found hanging out at local community theaters, where he volunteers as an actor, improv troupe member, lighting and sound technician and director. He will be spending part of his Faire days on the stage in the Bard Lite productions, and the rest repairing patrons’ broken possessions.



The son of a Yorkshire merchant, Frobisher was sent at a young age to London after the death of his father, to live with a relative of his mother. With this connection, he joined a privateering fleet plundering Portuguese ships off the Azores, and thence to trading along the west coast of Africa for spices. Disease swept through the expedition, and only one ship with a third of the crew still living, Frobisher included, returned to England. Undaunted, he again joined a fleet bound for trade off Africa, but they were attacked by Portuguese ships, and Frobisher was held hostage in a fortress off the Gold Coast. Securing his release, and after several more seafaring adventures, he is now in Wickhamshire. He hath heard Her Majesty is on progress, and hopes to gain Royal funding to outfit a ship and crew for more privateering ventures at the expense of the French, and to also help finance his dream of finding a north-west passage to the Orient.


Portrayed by James Blount

James has been entertaining at Renaissance and pirate fairs, as well as Halloween attractions for many years, and has been doing stage and street performing since he was a child. James is also an artist that works in all mediums. He is a vocalist, musician, and all around entertainer, builder, chef, event coordinator as well. His motto is “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t, reach for your dreams and let nothing stand in your way, cause life is too short to not be doing what you love to do!”



Quartermaster Golden has a difficult time distinguishing the difference between a pirate and a privateer, at least that is what his long seafarer career hath shewn. Fighting under the English flag against the French, or plundering English ships under the French banner, or perhaps just a freebooting jolly good time at the expense of the Dutch, he just seems to squirm out of the hangman’s noose every time when apprehended and brought before the Admiralty Courtナanyone’s admiralty court. He’s a loyal and competent Quartermaster, a seaman of quality, and a good man to have at your side in a brawl. Now he’s Captain Frobisher’s right hand man.


Portrayed by Keith R. Lewis



Lady Mary is the daughter of the late Philip Wolverston, gentleman pirate, and the widow of Sir John Killigrew, Governor of Pendennis Castle in Cornwall. Instead of protecting shipping for the Crown, the pair raided shipping to fill their coffers. Described as a tough and unprincipled businesswoman, she carried on her piratical ways after her husband’s death, but she always hath had a problem with sailing in the right direction. Every time. Stubborn as they come, she hath sought position with Captain Martin Frobisher as a ship’s navigator. We wonder if they’ll ever find the Northwest Passage.


Portrayed by Marta Makarem



Tarantula was an orphan; born in the Kingdom of Spain. As a girl, she escaped from the care of the nuns as soon as she was able, and lived on the streets of Barcelona stealing food from market stalls and sleeping in alleyways, until she met an old woman. The woman took her in, and taught her the art of the tarot, and of herbs and potions, of healing andナquite the opposite. Tarantula was in her teens when her benefactor was imprisoned and then burned at the stake for witchcraft. Tarantula has been on pirate ships shortly after that time, narrowly escaping to sea after having been accused of being a sorceress by the Spanish Inquisition. She often gains employment as a vessel’s cook, and her apothecary skills are valued as well. She is an eccentric cook, she uses unconventional ingredients, sometimes even of dubious origin. She never married, nor wished to, for she will brook no man to lord it over her. She dreams of sailing to the new world, and has signed on with Captain Frobisher to follow that dream.


Portrayed by Francis Gomez



Sigrid is the daughter of a master gunner, Erik Erikson, who was in the Royal Navy of the King of Denmark and Norway. When she was young, her father would bring her aboard ship and teach her how to fire and care for the cannons. After his death, she decided to go to sea as a gunner, and found a place on a privateering vessel. She now finds herself in England, and has joined Captain Frobisher’s crew.  


Portrayed by Bee Gustafson





His Grace is England’s Premier Peer, Earl Marshal of England, and one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the kingdom. He is second cousin to Queen Elizabeth, and his family, known for having Catholic sympathies, hath been at the forefront of English politics and the English court for generations, usually with notorious result. The Howards have married or been married into, most of the noblest of English families. He also hath a friend in Philip of Spain. The Duke himself is keen on holding his place of preeminence and increasing his position, not necessarily for the good of the realm, nor for the good of its sovereign. Woe be unto them that stand in the way of prideful aspirationsナ


Portrayed by Michael Cicci

Michael Cicci has been attending Renaissance Festivals since he was a small child. He started volunteering at the Florida Renaissance Festival as a teenager for community service hours in high school. It was there that he found his passion for this amazing world. From there he started developing characters of different eras in history that can be seen from Pirate festivals, Siege Weapons encampments and other Renaissance Festivals.



Lady Mary is the sister of Sir Robert Dudley and Sir Ambrose Dudley. She is married to the able courtier, Sir Henry Sydney, Lord Deputy of Ireland, who hath been well regarded by the Crown for his integrity. Lady Mary, as with most of her family, was a victim of her father’s treason, and was sent to the Tower at the beginning of Queen Mary’s reign. After the family was restored in honour, she rejoined her brothers at court. Now she hath a position as a Lady-In-Waiting and Gentlewoman of the Queen’s Chamber.


Portrayed by Makayla Hunter

Makayla has been performing and doing theatre since she was younger and now, she is currently majoring in Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies at the New College of Florida as a second-year student. Makayla is very grateful to have the immense amount of support from her friends and family and is proud to share her passion with you.

She hopes you have a wonderful time at the festival!



Katherine, or Kat, as Queen Elizabeth calls her, is her governess and close friend to Queen Elizabeth, and has been since Her Majesty’s childhood. As First Lady of the Bedchamber, she ensures her mistress is well cared for.


Portrayed by Keagan Roeder

Keagan is in her second year of college who always had a fascination for nature and storytelling, loving the aspects of characters and exploration beyond her usual life. She loves taking aspects of her love for the environment, writing, and acting, putting them all together to create a world for herself, and extending that to anyone who will listen. Keagan’s excitement and effort shines through on every project that she works on, hoping to help people smile and enjoy it as much as she has. 



Tiziano Vecelli is a Venetian artist of great renown. Called by his fellow Italian artists as, “The Sun Amidst Small Stars”, his use of color and attention to detail is the master’s forte. He is a Court artist to His Majesty, King Philip of Spain and the Habsburgs. Since he accompanied that Monarch to England, he hath decided to stay for a time. In fact, it was one of Titian’s portraits of King Philip that made Queen Mary fall in love with her future husband. 


Portrayed by Paul Scoville

Paul has been a photographer for 42 years. When not plying his trade as a graphic artist, he enjoys playing his guitar. He has a love of wine and long-haired mini dachshunds. Paul’s energy and enthusiasm are always welcome.