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“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”

William Shakespeare

Rick and Donna Moore

Lane Character Training and Coordination; Fight Directors/Choreographers


With over 40 years of combined experience performing throughout Florida, Rick and Donna bring their talents and expertise in character development and staged violence to our cast. They have created and brought to life a wide variety of characters for many venues including Faires, festivals, plays, and film documentaries, as well as corporate and private events. As founding members of MASK (Melbourne Academy of Staged Kombat) they are well versed in all aspects of staged violence and theatrical disciplines. They have studied under many Fight Directors and Certified Instructors from The SAFD (Society of American Fight Directors). It is their goal to bring the art of staged violence to our little part of the world with hopes that our students and associates will likewise spread their love for the art. As they like to say…. There’s always time for a good fight!

Thomas Rochester



The prodigal son of the Rochester family, Thomas Carter Rochester ventured out into the wide world of college and somehow graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Insistent on never having to utilize said degree, he then ventured into the wide world of acting in early 2016. Thomas has a background in Improv comedy, and has attempted stand-up comedy in Melbourne, FL (and failed as gloriously as Rose never letting go of Jack). After having a blast as the benevolent and much beloved monarch King Arthur at last year’s Fair, Thomas decided he needed to turn to the dark side of the force. This year Thomas will be portraying the morally ambiguous, power hungry and righteous Sheriff of Nottingham. The Good Sheriff promises to bring to end all crime once and for all no matter the methods! [Insert Maniacal Laugh] Thomas and the rest of the cast are chomping at the bit to bring thrills and excitement to your day on a magnitude you never knew you needed to experience.

McKenna Russell  


This is McKenna’s second year performing with the Brevard Renaissance Fair. McKenna Russell fell in love with the theater at an early age and has been performing ever since. An accomplished Irish step dancer, McKenna has been studying at the Rondeau School of Irish Dance for 8 years. She enjoys all aspects of the fine arts including dance, singing, acting, and choreography. In her spare time she loves cosplay, photography, swing dance, Broadway, and special effects makeup. She looks forward to traveling around the world and meeting people from other cultures.

Kim Fine

Kim is a high schooler that has always been interested in anything involving costumes and acting, she has been doing cosplay for about 3 years and found out about the ren fair and thought it would be a great place to meet new people! She is happy to be apart of this amazing experience and work all these wonderful people.

Jessica Blumberg

Jessica is thrilled to be part of the Brevard Renaissance Fair again this year; last year was such a blast and she can bet that this year will be even better!! Jessica has enjoyed preforming since elementary school, in plays and musicals. Her time is now occupied with school, the Renaissance Fair and AFJROTC as she goes through her Senior year in high school. She also enjoys sports, baking, and hanging out with friends and family. Jessica will play Lady Mel B in the Renaissance Fair with her partner in show biz Jordyn Blumberg, AKA Simon the Cow. Huzzah!

Victoria Blumberg

Victoria grew up in New York and loved spending weekends at the Tuxedo Rennaisance Fair. This is her second year at the Renaissance Fair.  Victoria really enjoys being part of the renaissance fair with her two daughters Jessica and Jordyn playing Sal and Cal.

Brenda Eads

Bren is a Florida local who enjoys anything medieval or sci-fi. The Brevard renaissance faire is her first ever time acting. Her loves are anything viking and space. 

Meredith Thomas

Meredith Thomas, playing Wren Redfeather, has been acting in theatre for almost 4 years (her whole life if you count christmas nativities). She was born in Arizona, but has traveled around the world with her military family. She is currently a junior at Satellite High School and is in both the Advanced Drama class and the American Musical Theatre program. She hopes to continue her theatrical aspirations in college.

Ken Thornton

Fresh from the Crusades, Ken Thornton is back by special request, except no one will own up to requesting him. Normally behind the scenes prop-meister and crew, this year it’s a walk on part in the war. Or something. King Richard, that’s it. The Lionheart, returning to find Prince John (Boo) has run the country into the ground. When Ken isn’t being Medieval, he does automation and aerospace electronics at

Gabriel Walden-Oliveira

At Brevard Renaissance Fair, you will find Gabriel on the Bard Stage playing Lysander, Francis Flute The Bellows Mender, and the fabulously beautiful Thisby in Bard Lite’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Gabriel sings professionally with Olde Tyme Carolers, is a World Champion Hip-Hop Dancer (Extreme AllStars!), and plays at least a little piano, guitar, ukulele, drum kit, and bass. He has been acting since he was a toddler and has no plans to quit. In his spare time, Gabriel studies Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Debra Thornton

BRF Admin & Casting Team; Director, Co-Writer, and Performer with Bard Lite Condensed Shakespeare Company; Director, Youth in Harmony

At the Brevard Renaissance Fair, you will see her on the Bard Stage as Puck in Midsummer Night’s Dream, as Archimedes in The Sword & The Stone, and engaging in musical merrymaking with the Youth in Harmony in various locations throughout the day.

Debra performed in both her first opera and her first Shakespeare play at the age of 11 and was hooked for life. Credits include Washington Opera (DC), Bronx Opera, Caramoor Opera, New York Ensemble for Early Music, Bachworks, Maryland Camerata, Phoenix Repertory Dance Company, and Dimensions Dance Company, among others. She has toured nationally and internationally. Here in Brevard, she runs Youth in Harmony, which offers Music Classes for Newborn through Adults, Prenatal Yoga, Mom & Baby Yoga, and Kids Yoga. More info at

Riley H.

Actor, Bard Lite; Singer & Dancer, Youth in Harmony

At Brevard Renaissance Fair, Riley appears as a Fairy in Bard Lite’s Midsummer Night’s Dream as well as engaging with audience children in The Sword and The Stone. She will be singing and dancing with Youth in Harmony in various locations throughout the day.

Riley has been performing as a singer, dancer, and actor since she was 4 years old. At 10, she is a seasoned “Rennie Kid” in her 5th year of Renaissance Fair performances. She also dances competitively around the U.S.


Dalton Berling 

Born in the frozen realms of Trondheim, Norway, Dalton currently lives in Melbourne, Florida wandering the lands and finding himself in many weird and wonderful situations. Currently Dalton attends Eastern Florida State College working towards his Associates Degree before leaving to University of Florida to study communications and cultural anthropology. In his down time it is possible to find Dalton occupying his time in some deep wooded area painting, playing a plethora of musical instruments, or even at the coastline either taking to the water like a fish or laying on the beach like a Walrus.

Jeri Greer Russell

This is Jeri’s second year with the Brevard Renaissance Fair. Jeri is a local who was able to combine her love of history and theater in St. Augustine where she participated in many of the reenactments there for several years. She has also performed at the Arabian Knights Dinner Theater as well as a tour with the Royal Hanneford Circus. Jeri is an avid cosplayer who loves Steampunk, Pirating, Star Wars, and is a self-proclaimed Trekker. She is most proud of her two amazing children who will also be performing this year at the fair.

Noah Russell

This is Noah’s second year with the Brevard Renaissance Fair. Noah is a history buff who also enjoys the stage. Born and raised in Florida, Noah has participated in school and community theater from a young age. Noah is very active in the cosplay community and holds a Black Belt in Taekwondo, his other passion. He is also proficient in Korean Swordsmanship and Bo Staff techniques.

Emily Berard

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Emily Berard is the booking voice of Merielle and very new to the acting world.  Having met one of the Brevard Renaissance Fair producers at a small film set and hearing about all they have done and have planned for this year, she was excited to take part. This year will be her first year not only acting for a fair, but going to one! She is absolutely over the moon excited to take part as Merielle (Mary-YELL); the Town Crier of Sherwood. 

Dama Moore

Dama Moore joins us as Havsome GoodAle. Dama has been performing in fairs since she was two months old and assists in teaching staged combat. She enjoys performing either on stage or in the round and has been an extra in some independent films and also has been an extra or lead in multiple plays. She hopes you enjoy the fair and remember to stop by the GoodAle’s pub and pub games.

Travis O’Bier

Prince John is pleased to be showing up in honor of himself. He enjoys short walks pointing and laughing at the poor, Romantic candlelit dinners with himself (The One person he can talk to), and watching plays, some all the way through. Known Aliases include “The King, formerly known as Prince”, “Johnny B. Good Lord Don’t Kill Me”, and “Travis O’Bier”.

Emery Rice 


Emery Rice aka Saul Beagosse, based on a D and D character of the Pathfinder series, plays as a Scout/Ranger. With over 20 years of Renaissance Fairs, he started with the Georgia Renaissance Fair, then on to the Florida Renaissance Fair, Bay Area Renaissance Fair, Lady of the Lakes, and is now with the Brevard Renaissance Fair.

Since 2014, Emery has also been a member of Adrian Empire Constantinople, a local medieval reenactment group, who studies the medieval arts, ministry, combat and archery.

As Saul the Silent, he is a Yeoman, and he only answers to the Emperor. At present he is in the service to Emperor L’Bete de Acmd and to the Almighty God. He has returned from the Holy lands at the Emperor’s request.

Mike Mellen

When he isn’t doing nerdy computer things to pay the bills, Mike can be found hanging out at local community theaters, where he volunteers as an actor, lighting and sound technician and director, and with the Brevard Theatrical Ensemble as a storyteller. Mike will be spending most of his Faire days on the Bard’s Stage in the Bard Lite productions of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “The Sword in the Stone”, and as a part of the Fearless Improv Brigade. When not on stage, he’ll be wandering around as Lector Makeright, the village tinker.

Eldona Mellen



Eldona Mellen or, The Lady Elda is back for her 2nd year at the Brevard Renaissance Fair. As part of our Administrative Committee, she facilitates promotional events and our Renaissance Weddings. Don’t be surprised to see her on The Bard Lite Stage as Titania or in the lanes doing some matchmaking.

Xander Mills Alex 


Xander says, “It’s tough to be 9 and hang out all day at a Renn Fair”. A 4th grader at Palm Bay Elementary, he is happy to be appearing on The Bard Lite Stage and experiencing his life-long dream of being on the same stage with his Grandpa (Mike Mellen).

Lorilei Roberts

With over 20 years experience in renaissance reenactment, she’s looking for a few good pick on. Likes, cool walks on the beach, sarcastic word play and swinging weapons for fun.

Samantha Kelly 

I’m Samantha Jane Kelly and I am playing Quinn, one of Robin’s merry band this year, I also drew up the wanted posters. (Including my own. Ha!) And one of my brothers, John Kelly, is playing as a guard named Drake Stone, I think he chose the opposite side on purpose. XD I am Florida born, the eldest of nine and I was homeschooled from the third grade till I got to graduate on April Fools Day.

I love reading almost everything, from Shakespear, Dickens, Stevenson, Dante, and Poe to Funke, Weis and Hickman, Dumas, and mythology…etc. I also enjoy writing, drawing, talking to myself, magic tricks, music, fire poi/eating and dabbling with an assorted conglomeration of other unfinished crafts and projects.
Robin Hood has always been one of my favorite stories; I think Paul Creswick wrote my favorite version.

In real life, I am a very introverted and awkward person who was terrified with this whole concept, but I do have a passion for this kind of stuff. So I would like to thank those, and mostly Rick and Donna Moore for helping me. I almost gave up several times, but I’m glad I didn’t. This is my first time ever acting, I’m very happy to be working with this awesome group of people and I love being a part of this amazing event. Huzzah!

Lizzy Seal

Lizzy Seal is a Brevard native who loves history and crafty things. She has been involved in theatrical storytelling for 15 years. This will be her third year at the Brevard Renaissance Fair. This year she will once again be portraying  Loveday, the relentlessly cheerful and easily distracted turnip farmer.

Nicole C. Dunn

Nicole C. Dunn is a Texas native and cosplayer who is joining the Brevard Renaissance cast for the first time this year as Lady Clareisse Lafayette. She has always loved renaissance fairs since she was a toddler. Nicole enjoys sewing her own costumes, prop fabrication, swing dance and playing her flute/piccolo in various orchestras. When she is not running around under her cosplay name Jennifer SwiftBlood, she is a professional photographer and a full time electrical engineering student.

Markus Menner

Hi, I am Markus Menner. I grew up in Germany where I was surrounded by scenery of medieval times. I visited Neuschwanstein  and a plethora of other castles. I fell in love with the times and when I moved here I decided that I wanted to immerse myself in that type of culture. Therefore, when I found the BRATs I thought it was a great opportunity to get a taste of back home. 

Christen Stone

Christen is a professional tattoo artist at Automatic Tattoo in Melbourne, Florida. Enthralled with sword and sorcery at an early age, fantasy has always been a major inspiration in all her crafty endeavors. Her many hobbies include prop design and painting, costuming, crochet, drawing, and sculpting.

Ben Berrean

Benjamin is a 14-year-old homeschool actor and this is his first performance with the BRATS. Ben has been acting for 6 years in numerous productions at the Cocoa village play house including My Fair Lady, Oliver and Fiddler on The Roof. He is having a lot of fun playing a guard and hopes to see you at the fair.

Priscilla Blyseth



Priscilla Blyseth moved to Florida from Long Island, New York. She has had many titles throughout the years including Miss Long Island, nurse, substance abuse counselor, wife, mother of 5, grandmother of 7 and great gran to a 2 year old. She has written and directed a murder mystery show and several children’s shows. She enjoys performing in the local theaters and getting to know the amazing talent in Bervard. She is also involved in community clubs and a member of the Board of Directors at the Henegar Center.