Wickham Park | Melbourne, FL

2024 Dates: Jan. 6-7, 13-15, 20-21, 27-28, Feb. 3-4

Randal’s Grand Adventure

From the mind of Randal Piper and the liability insurance of the Brevard Renaissance Fair comes a never-before-attempted feat of sheer audience-pleasing magnitude.

Randal’s Grand Adventure finds you and a few of your closest adventuring companions amid a randomly generated tabletop role-playing game set within the fantastical palaces of Randal Piper’s fanciful mind.

Randal himself shall act as your Dungeon Master and guide you through this journey fit for all seasoned or new adventurers young and old.

With the help of Randal’s trusty MeloD20, a brand-new daily scenario will be assembled in front of your very eyes before you are given a character and set to the task of saving the princess! Or stealing the gems! Or surviving a tavern brawl!

Randal’s Grand Adventure is a 90-minute long separate ticketed event featuring brand new original music and fantasy worlds.

The adventure takes place daily at 2:45 pm in the special event tent.